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Our Services

We provide a host of services that support small, mid-size & large pharma, universities & institutes, contract research organization, companies, journals and other entities engaged in life sciences.


Technology &
Operational Advice

Whether you are looking for some advice on which EDC to chose for your upcoming Phase III trial or which laboratory notebook to pick to support your ongoing drug discovery pipeline, we are here to guide you through those decisions and the subsequent implementations.

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From weekly sprints to decade-long endeavors, our team of experienced professionals will outline the path of least resistance and come up with the necessary milestones, KPIs, budget and cadence from project initiation to planning, executing, monitoring and closure.

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Protocol Design &

Drafting and structuring a clinical trial protocol is a balancing act. We can start from your own synopsis and work with your scientists, statisticians and research coordinators to support your protocol development from study design to ethics and data handling.

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Patient Recruitment &

Patient recruitment and retention is one of the biggest challenges sponsors and CROs are facing, with patient dropout rates routinely reaching 30%. From patient burden, to DCT technology solution and relationship management, we can help you design the right strategy for your upcoming or ongoing trial.

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Scientific and medical translations require deep knowledge of both source and target languages as well as a significant expertise in the relevant fields of research. We focus on languages and fields of expertise that we truly master in order to provide an accurate and concise outcome.

Open Book
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Scientific &
Medical Communications

Our editorial services encompass multiple audiences and channels. We provide comprehensive academic editing, proofreading, manuscripts creation as well as end-to-end planning and creation of content intended for general readership.


Education &

In-person or virtual, our experienced facilitators will work with you to design and deliver impactful training sessions for your audience. Whether you require a one-off session or a longer program, for 2 or for 50+ individuals, we will create an engaging educational journey.

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Revewing Graphs


Applying for a grant can often be a daunting and tedious exercise. Beyond the concept itself, the content and quality of the proposal you submit will determine whether or not you are successful. It is therefore vital to align perfectly your proposal with the grant requirements.


R&D Tax
Credit Claim

This type of tax relief supports companies involved in innovative projects in science and technology. It is available in many countries but however often neglected or simply unknow. We will guide you through the assessment and submission of your R&D tax claim.



Sourcing, attracting and retaining talent is one of the biggest challenges our industry faces. We will help you identify individuals and create a pipeline of candidates for your specific vacancies, whether they are temporary, part-time or full-time, in-person or remote.

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